LPAP Members involved in the Juno mission

  • Prof Denis GRODENT is co-Investigator of the ultraviolet spectrograph UVS on board Juno. He is taking part to the analysis of the hyperspectral images of the auroral emissions of Jupiter. D. Grodent is also the Principal Investigator of the large size HST observation campaign in support to the Juno prime mission (HST GO-14634).
  • Dr Bertrand BONFOND is a Juno science Team Member and assists the Principal Investigator in the detailed planning of the auroral observations. In addition, B. Bonfond is directly involved in the processing and interpretation of the data of the supporting HST campaign.
  • Prof Jean-Claude GERARD is co-Investigator of UVS and of the Juno InfraRed Auroral Mapper (JIRAM). In that regard, J.-C. Gérard leads the comparison of ultraviolet and infrared imaging and spectroscopy from the UVS and JIRAM instruments.
  • Dr Aikaterini RADIOTI is currently “Collaborateur Scientifique” FNRS-F.R.S., in addition to being involved in the Juno Team, she is also a Cassini-UVIS science team member and leads the Galileo and Cassini data interpretation.
  • Dr Zhonghua YAO is Postdoctoral Researcher, fully funded by a 2-year ULg BeIPD-COFUND Marie Curie fellowship. He is bringing his expertise in auroral and magnetospheric physics acquired for Earth with THEMIS and CLUSTER. He is taking part to the data reduction and interpretation of the HST and Juno data.
  • Dr Benjamin PALMAERTS achieved his PhD in cotutelle with the University of Göttingen, in the frame of the International Max Planck Research School. His work is based on the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Saturn and Jupiter, in particular from Cassini particles measurements and HST auroral emissions.
  • Maïté DUMONT is a PhD student, Teaching Assistant at the Université de Liège. Her doctoral work is focusing on plasma injections in Jupiter and Saturn’s magnetospheres and their auroral signatures observed with HST and UVS.

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