The CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège) actively contributed to the UVS Instrument lead by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI, San Antonio, TX, USA). CSL supplied the Scan Mirror Assembly (SMA), comprising the scan mirror mechanism and the mirror itself, and the Scan Mirror Interface Board (SMIB), the electronic board including a redundant stepper motor driver and switches position readout.

Scan Mirror Assembly (SMA)

The Scan Mirror Assembly lies inside the telescope section of Juno-UVS, at the front of the Juno-UVS optics. In order to observe Jupiter at close range, and at times when the spin plane and orbit plane are different, the SMA is used to shift the projection of the observation slit on the sky in the direction of the spin axis, up to ±30° from the spin plane. It is particularly useful to shift UVS field of view when Juno is flying above Jupiter’s poles so that the full auroral region can be reconstructed from samples obtained during successive spins at different SMA angles. (Contact: Benoît MARQUET)

Scan Mirror Interface Board (SMIB)

The Scan Motor Interface Board is the electronic board which is driving the SMA. The SMIB drives the SMA motor by sending appropriate current to the stepper motor coils. It also sends digital signals providing the status of the end switches

CSL is also responsible for the radiation tests of the ultraviolet detector of the UVS and the infrared detector of the MAJIS instrument onboard the future JUICE mission to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. The detector that is being tested for UVS is the spare model (the exact copy) of the Juno-UVS instrument. (New radiation test facility at CSL: Dr Alain CARAPELLE)

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